Latest Mobile Development Tools

With mobile data speeds increase rapidly with the advent of new technology, mobile applications have literally taken over from websites. Most smartphone users rely on mobile applications for a host of needs and requirements, ranging from simple day to day tasks like checking e-mails and social networking, to highly specialized tasks such as enterprise management, online banking and shopping.

Mobile web application development is a much sought-after field, and mobile development tools offer developers a way to increase their scope and efficiency while designing mobile web applications. Some of the mobile web development tools popular today include:

1. RhoMobile – A very popular development tool is RhoMobile. Developed by Rhodes, this platform uses Ruby on rails as its chosen back end and is immensely popular as it enables developers to make native applications for a wide range of platforms including the popular Apple iOS and Google Android.

The framework allows developers to write only one set of code for an application which can then be used to further develop native applications for different platforms. The platform makes it easy, fast and intuitive to design native applications that can take advantage of smartphone hardware configuration.

2. PhoneGap – Another popular development tool is PhoneGap. Another popular option with mobile developers, this tool provides a framework which uses web development languages like HTML and JavaScript which makes it relatively easy to develop applications.

This platform supports a wide variety of devices, and is particularly well known for its ability to use smartphone hardware and features like sensors, GPS antenna, accelerometer, and sound and camera options. It is an award-winning mobile development tool with a loyal fan base.

3. Appcelerator – An immensely popular platform is the Titanium development platform designed by Appcelarator. Supporting a wide variety of programming languages including the standard HTML and JavaScript as well as more complex coding systems like Ruby on rails and Python, this platform has a loyal following amongst a large number of mobile developers.

It also offers special features enabling developers to derive full use from smartphone firmware, and also bundled support for data storage even in the device or in the cloud. There are over 300 API’s which come bundled with this platform, along with detailed location information and other tools.

With these latest mobile development tools, developers can go about their mobile web development business much more efficiently and offer complete productivity to client and high degree of user experience to apps users.