TreeShore offers solutions on human resource management system for companies of all sizes to structure your personnel management and employee relations. We help our clients to develop and customize the HRM solutions by understanding their requirements. We serve solutions that highly adapt to the environment and assist in business management processes by saving time and work performance for the company.

What is HRM? (Human Resource Management)

Human Resource Management is an organizational process that involves in recruitment, salary and leave administration, discipline and performance appraisal, employee training, time management activities to improve the production and reach the short term and long term goals of the company more successfully.

Benefits of HRM:
  • Human resource management discipline helps us to choose right candidates to work at the company by training and recruitment process.
  • It also encourages all the employees of the company time to time based on their performance and respective roles.
  • It plays a major role in creating a pleasant work environment that gives an employee job satisfaction which depends on the employee work performance.
  • It organizes meetings, seminars, and other get together with various departments and business zones to establish relationship within the organization.
HRM Solutions:

At TreeShore, we offer Open Source HRM Solution.

Orange HRM
What is Orange HRM?

Orange HRM is a system that offers human resource information solutions for various industries of all sizes to group all the activities such as personnel information management, leave management, time and attendance regulation, recruitment, and performance as into one function to organize your human resource strategy in line with the goals of the company.

  • Admin Module
  • Personnel Information supervision
  • Leave Administration
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Benefits Module
  • Report Module
  • Recruitment Module
  • Performance Module

TreeShore Experts provides complete solutions to integrate HRM system and help our clients by understanding their needs and assist them to reach the organizational goals of all time with improved work performance.