Software Solutions

Software Development is a process that engages in development of software products like web application development, desktop application development and Custom software with a proven life cycle methodology like waterfall model, agile model etc. and at TreeShore we use both the models depending on the client projects and we believe that through our processes given below we can get results by following any of the models.

TreeShore has expertise in offering solutions for Custom Software as well as using Open Source technologies for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enquiry Management Management (EMS), Inventory and Accounting and Human Resource Management (HRM). We had also built our own product for Enquiry Management System (EMS) which supports all small and medium sized companies to manage their leads.

We make sure our clients are in the forefront of Technology. Our completely tailored and well developed strategies not only allow our clients to remain competitive in the industry but also enhance the efficiency and productivity of the company. Our experts are well versed in areas of software design, development, quality engineering, and maintenance.