How to make a Credible Online Presence

Power of social media marketing

Social media marketing is a veritable goldmine, enabling businesses around the world to showcase their products and services to a sizable existing user base with very little in the form of expenses. Social media is used extensively by people all over the world, encompassing different ethnicities, age groups and psychological profiles. For a successful social media marketing campaign it is important to understand who these people are and make plans for successful communication, so as to engage with them positively. The concepts of brand credibility apply here too, and it is of great importance to build a credible and trusted online presence to make social media marketing campaigns a success.

How do build a credible social media profile?

  1. Scope and importance – The first step towards building a social media business profile is to assess the scope and importance of such a presence in the particular industry domain. Different industry verticals have different dynamics of perception and opinion-building, thus leading to need for customized interaction methods and approaches.
  2. Customized tools – There are various tools which can be used to gain insight on the possible impact of social media on a particular kind of business. These can include tools such as customer surveys, monitoring of social media platforms and pervasive research for business intelligence and competitive landscape. Once the scope of social media as a marketing tool is established, a marketing plan can be formulated.
  3. Customer analysis – Building a credible online presence is not easy, and much of it hinges upon understanding public opinion, public psychology and the factors that affect them. Dedicated research needs to be done regarding current trends, their causative factors and ways in which these factors can be implemented in your social media marketing campaign to maximize potential.
  4. Content – With social media, the detached sales pitch does not work. The content has to be more personal, engaging and value-adding. Users need to believe in the possible utility they might get out of your business, as this is the foundation stone of trust, dependence and long term loyalty. Lines of communication must be left open, and your business should be approachable for people to come forward with comments or queries.

It takes time and effort to build trust and credibility on social media, and only a few succeed in making the most of things owing to sustained focus on customers. Businesses need to constantly assess and improve their strategies and adapt to changes in the immediate environment to have a plausible presence in the realm of social media.