The use of Google webmaster tools in SEO

Why Google Webmaster tools are important

The role of SEO has always been to maximize relevance of targeted keywords and phrases, and achieve better ranking in SERP’s. With Google being the most used search engine in the world, it is obvious that a majority of SEO efforts are geared towards getting a better position and rank in the Google system.

This makes Google’s Webmaster tools a potent set of tools in the hands of experienced SEO experts. Not only does it give webmasters Google’s own perspective on their website, it also provides essential insight on tuning and fine-tuning the site to make it more suited for being indexed and ranked with precision by Google. These are a few applications of Google Webmaster tools in SEO-

1. Know the phrases used in search queries and its frequencies – Google Webmaster provides a breakdown of search queries which volumes for targeted keywords in your website. This list is of great value, containing not just empirical data about which keywords your website is ranked for currently, but also other data like number of impressions, ranking position and click-through rate.

This information is crucial to know how keywords are performing on the website, and which keywords are performing better than others. SEO experts can further improve existing keywords, or add new ones if needed based on these findings.

2. Individual keywords and trends – Another great feature of Google Webmaster tools is that it lets you view individual keyword performances in depth, and shows overall changes with time so that you can understand search trends and what visitors are looking for.

Individual keyword options include relevant information of the performance of the keyword with respect to the content and the website, and it enables you to understand whether the content is serving its purpose. Knowing about trends can also put SEO experts in a good position for developing further strategies to capitalize on those trends.

3. Fine-tuning page by page SEO strategies – With Google Webmaster tools it becomes very easy to implement and actively monitor a page-by-page strategy for a website. You can view a list of the top performing pages relative to your keywords, figure out how much keyword competition exists in similar sites, and also optimize keywords for specific pages so as to make them perform better. Improvement in individual page performance in turn brings better SEO for the whole website.