Ways to add Social Media to your Web Design

Why social media is important!!

In this day and age of competition, there is need for more and more channels which can be exploited to promote online businesses and websites. Social media proves to be a great channel for promotions and marketing. Millions of people worldwide use social media on a daily basis, and integrating social media into your web design instantly exposes your website to millions of potential customers across all demographics.

Also, social media interactions are more personal and intimate, thereby giving your company a means to communicate one-on-one with customers and leads, and building trust and reputation based on that. One cannot ignore the role of social media in determining online presence, and therefore it is important to integrate social media to your web design. Here’s how-

Establish a presence – The first step towards social media integration is choosing which social networks your company has a presence in. There are many social networks to choose from, the most popular being Facebook and Twitter. For enhancing subscriber base on social media, it is essential to let people know which social networks you have a presence in so that they can communicate with you via those channels.

A great way to achieve this through your own website is to include social media widgets to your content which make it easy for visitors to like, share and comment on your content in social networks. You can also replace your traditional user login system with social login, which helps users to identify instantly and lets them know where exactly they can find their social presence.

Incorporate social media elements – The next step is to include and incorporate elements from social networks into your website. Good examples are shareable content which visitors can discuss about in Facebook or Twitter, widgets and icons such as “Like” or “Tweet” and “+1” allows for easy communication and integration with popular social networks.

Social media Interaction – Finally, you can establish two-way communication with your social networks of choice by using content from these networks as integral parts of your website. User reviews from your Facebook page, live feeds from your Twitter account and incorporate them in your website. Embed YouTube videos if it helps your cause on the website. Through interactive communication between your website and users social networks, you can forge great relationships, and expand brand exposure and mileage across social platforms.