Ways to build a strong software team

The basis of a strong software team

For high-quality and effective software development, the pillar is the establishment of a strong, seasoned and highly capable software team that handles its responsibilities in a timely and competent manner. Essentially, a software team is a group of like-minded developers who bear the following unique characteristics:-

  1. They are comfortable working in a team,
  2. They can handle individual responsibilities and still keep in sight of the team goal,
  3. They have superior and relevant technical skills and knowhow
  4. They are a good fit for the culture and work ethics of your organization.

It takes aggressive scouting and a fair amount of filtering down to get exactly the right people for your software team. These pointers can help you put together a strong software team that serves its purpose right way-

1. Education and experience – When it comes to software development, there is no alternative for good education and quality experience. A well-developed set of technical skills is a bare minimum requirement, and employers should seek out only those developers who have had very good academic track records while learning the discipline.

Similarly, fruitful experience working in the same field is also a strong point. If you can assimilate a team of developers who have good core education and extensive experience, you already have on your hands the perfect starting point for building a strong software team.

2. Be sure of what you need – There are different kinds of software developers. Some developers engage themselves in software framework development, while some engage in application development. Some developers have spread-out skill set enabling them to do a little bit of many different things, while some isolate a specific area of development to specialize in.

When you are looking for development talent, it is important to establish what kind of developers you need at the very outset, especially with the tech competencies that aligns to your organization’s IT offerings. Search and recruit exactly those people with the kind of competency you need in your work and you cannot go wrong.

3. Making a team at home – You have to provide your carefully recruited software team a work environment which is conducive to good, productive work. Make sure they are a perfect fit with the work ethics and culture of your organization. It is also a good idea to keep your software team involved in important decision-making, which instills a feeling of self-worth and can go miles in enhancing the level of work.